Solutions & Development

CalC8 has a vast and rich portfolio in software development and solutions deployment—having worked with everything from Geographical information systems to automation and integration to mobile development and even Enterprise systems.

Whether you need us to deploy, be the architect or develop a unique solution just for you, we won’t just get the job done, we’ll show you a better experience than you’d imagined.

With a clientele boasting the likes of Panasonic, First National Bank, eThekwini Municipality and Smith’s Manufacturing, we can confidently say that there’s nothing our development team can’t do.

We pride ourselves on producing innovative solutions to complex problems by embracing the entirety of the coders platform while utilising the technologies and systems that will deliver the best results. You won’t find a “one size fits all” mentality here. At Calc8, we’re about specificity.

Our clients count on us for a variety of services. Some of which can be encompassed as:

• Project Management
• Business Analysis
• Solutions & Systems Architecture
• Software Development
• Database Development & Administration
• Support & Maintenance Services
• Enterprise Integration & Automation

Of course that’s probably the simplest way of putting it. Over the course of the last few years, some of the more interesting solutions we’ve implemented in the public sector have been:

• Corporate Performance Monitoring & Evaluation Systems.
• Geographical Information Systems.
• Corporate Administrative & Management Systems.
• Transport Management Information System.
• ERP & 3rd Party Integration Services.
• Public Company Portals & Services.
• Electronic Corporate Services.
• IT Governance & Infrastructure.

But, we don’t only implement our own solutions, we’ve also been charged with maintaining 3rd party and in-house solutions. Some recent ones being:

• Ventyx Ellipse
• JD Edwards
• Panasonic Sure Service
• First National Bank Online Banking

We’re very passionate about our work in the public sector. Our strong ties to the community have always shown us that if we don’t take on the responsibility of making our country great, why should we expect anyone else to? At Calc8, we lead by example.

When it comes to the private sector we’ve tackled everything from desktop e-commerce to mobile apps with integrated payment gateways to building custom administrative solutions. Give us your vision, we will make it a reality.