Video & Animation

With a back-catalogue stretching back several years, the visual media arm of Calc8 boasts some of the most accomplished minds in the industry and even some new “out of the box” upstarts!

Whether you’re looking for a corporate video for your website, a training video to educate your new hires or a full fledged commercial ready for broadcast…Calc8 does it all.

We will beat industry standard rates and still deliver the goods! Our goal isn’t just to best the competition, but to go far beyond our customers expectations.

Access to the latest, cutting edge technology in film, sound and lighting as well as some of the best writers, directors and crews in the business mean that we can deliver you a product that is better than the best.

We can take you from concept to storyboarding, casting, shooting and scoring…all while we’re tying your video in to the greater campaign.

And when it comes to animation, well we’ll just let the work speak for itself. Take a look at some of the samples below and you’ll see what we’re talking about.